The Registry

The sole reason for the AMHA Registry to exist is to maintain and ensure the integrity of the records of the American Morgan Horse Register. To accomplish this purpose the Registry will utilize current scientific and administrative concepts and techniques to ensure all registrations and transfers are carried out according to the Rules and Regulations of the AMHA, while verifying that the Rules and Regulations are applied to all individuals in a non-discriminatory manner.

The AMHA realizes that the breed and its members can realize benefits from the use of the most current scientific and technological advances. Such advances include blood testing, DNA testing, semen transport, frozen semen and embryo transplant. The AMHA also realizes that it would be inappropriate for The American Morgan Horse Association to become involved in the technical application, financial implications or legal ramifications of the use of any of this technology to an extent beyond the level of involvement required to ensure that the purity and integrity of the Morgan breed is not compromised.

Use of any or all of the above forms of technology can add value and credibility to anyone's breeding program. The AMHA also realizes that its purpose of maintaining the records can be aided by this technology. Utilizing this technology can assist the Registry in maintaining an accurate, unbiased registry of the highest integrity by providing alternatives and/or re-enforcement of the conventional processes associated with a breed register.

All individuals and parties utilizing the services of the Registry must keep the purpose of the Register foremost in their minds and not attempt to utilize the Registry in a manner inconsistent with its purpose. Do not rely on the AMHA Registry to enforce your business dealings. As technology advances, the need for Morgan owners to develop contracts and business practices enforceable in courts of law increases. You may wish to consult your attorney to develop civil contracts for your use.

Proper use of civil contracts will enable Morgan owners to continue to enjoy the benefits of owning registered Morgans while working within the framework of the Registry's Rules and Regulations.

It is incumbent upon each and every breeder to understand the purpose of the Registry and to support and comply with the Rules and Regulations that govern the Registry thereby contributing to the preservation and promotion of the Morgan horse breed.

Ethics Statement

The American Morgan Horse Association recommends and expects that all persons will conduct themselves in an honest, forthright, ethical and sportsmanlike manner in their relationship with each other at any time they are involved at Morgan horse related matters.

The Breeder's Responsibility

The foremost responsibility of any breed association is to accurately record progeny records, issue certificates of registration, and maintain records of ownership. These records are based upon information provided to the Association by the breeder and must be within the framework of the Register Rules and Regulations.

And so it is that the registered livestock philosophy is based upon honesty and integrity, the honesty and integrity of the breeder and seller. For it is in the hands of the breeder that the record process begins. It is at this point of origin that two animals are mated; that the breeding date(s) and names of the animals are recorded; that the foaling date is recorded; that the marking diagram on a registration application is drawn; and that all information submitted on a registration or transfer application is completed.

If the information provided by the breeder is not presented accurately and in good faith, as attested to by his or her personal signature, then a Registration Certificate, which may have been issued, has no value.

The Rules and Regulations are written and revised from time to time by the Register Committee and approved by the Board of Directors of the American Morgan Horse Association.

These Rules and Regulations thus become the working Bible of the breeder as well as the Association staff, and must unilaterally be applied and enforced without deviation. The Rules and Regulations, compliance therewith and the enforcement thereof, are the bases for the validity and accuracy of the Register records.

It is incumbent upon each and every breeder to support and comply with these Rules and Regulations, and to share in the preservation of the Morgan horse breed.