Dedication to Tradition: Freedman’s Partnership with the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show

September 3rd, 2020

Freedman Harness (Freedman’s) is proud to continue its Sponsorship of the 2020 Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show. In a pursuit of excellence and tradition, Freedman’s dedication to harness and saddle-type horses is long-standing. Morgan horses, with their rich history and endearment to a variety of disciplines are no different. Freedman’s is proud to support the American Morgan Horse Association, the horses, and the people who love them.

With the comfort and welfare of the horse at the forefront, and the success and ease of use for the rider or driver top of mind, Freedman’s has handcrafted harness, cutback, hunter, and specialty saddles, bridles, training equipment, and other products designed specifically for trotting breeds.

As the horse show industry evolved and changed, Freedman’s renewed an old chapter of their history with the launch of a leather goods and accessories collection, including belts, handbags, and travel bags in 2004. Expanding into apparel for the every-day equestrian, as well as for the show ring, Freedman’s now offers gloves, jodhpur boots, jackets, and other apparel. Most recently launched, the Tous Les Jours apparel line, beginning with the Tous Les Jours Performance Jods, Base Layer, and Work Gloves in 2020.

Emerging as a forward-thinking, equestrian fashion house, Freedman’s has never left its staple cornerstone of handcrafted and quality leather goods behind. As the Morgan horse industry displays its proudest and most successful horses, at a horse show that is well-known for its tradition and grandeur, Freedman’s is proud to be along for the ride. Thank you for shopping Freedman’s. We are Tradition In Every Stitch.

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